Card Analytics Consulting, Inc. provides services to card-based and electronic payments firms, as well as to other financial services organizations. The focus of services includes the design and evaluation of new products and services, creation of programs to increase operational efficiencies and profits, and thought leadership to solve strategic issues. As part of our services we offer the following key products:

  1. Card Analytics Key Indicator Peer Groups

    • Credit Risk & Collections Peer Group (CKIP Report)
    • Strategic Portfolio Insights (SPI)
    • Strategic Risk Consulting Service (SRCS)


  2. Visa, Inc. – Sponsors “Strategic Portfolio Insights” (SPI) Report in Global Markets

Card Analytics Consulting partners with clients to jointly develop productivity, operational and cost key indicators which are shared among the Peer Group on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The shared key indicators allow the Peer Group participants to benchmark their performance and evaluate business strategies and processes.

Card Analytics Consulting continuously designs and facilitates “Best Practice” operational questionnaires on key emerging issues.

Peer Group participant specifics and competitive advantages are not disclosed.

Participants are provided with data which is vital in improving productivity, efficiency and unit costs.